Hello creators! Along with a team of photographers, we are here to create a community never seen in the Solana NFT space before. SolPics will build a very desired bridge, a bridge that will connect 3D Art with the beauty of Photography. As most of the collections in the space are based on it we decided to connect the strength of this type of art with the most frequently used tool to capture the moment.


SolPics is all made for everyone to get involved. This project aims not only for the Solana community, but also to all of the photographers out there looking for a community, that is filled with stories and experiences to be shared, a place of growth, and fellow support of each member in SolPics. To those who experience the moment by looking at a photograph, SolPics is part of everything and this is only the start. The 2,222 NFTs is here to stay and the premiere of the First Mint is just a step in the process. By owning a SolPic, you just don't have a photo, but the background of life, the beauty in all, and the love in this space through each SolPic. Just imagine, that in the near future, you can display one of these NFTs in your house, office or who knows, even a museum both physically or in The Metaverse. We are here to revolutionize the photography world. We came here to stay, and we welcome you to the future!



Two photographers, since January 2021 dedicating to their work of passion, photography, and came up with this crazy idea of SolPics. The start of this journey begins…

Step 1

The SolPics community starts to get built. For the first time, photography appears in Solana to revolutionize the NFT space and to build a bridge with all the photographers worldwide. The first NFT collection is developed and a month filled up with news and announcements is ahead.

Step 2

The launch of SolPics will be this month. Photography will arrive at the Solana marketplaces. The photographers who have created SolPics, will reveal themselves after the minting. The SolPics’ community will then grow exponentially creating a space for all photographers. We are that “next thing” in the Solana NFT space!

Step 3

The Year 2022 will be the start of a new era. Our collection will be the first photography NFT project to integrate a branch in the Solana art space. A hub where all photographers can provide their creative value in our upcoming projects on our platform, will be built. Early airdrops will be initiated for OG’s and BIG holders.

Step 4

The community will have a strong base, and a new collection will be developed along with all of the artists who have gotten involved and supported The SolPics community. All of the physical airdrops will be initiated, providing value to each NFT holder.

Long Term...

The SolPics platform will launch in the Solana NFT space, creating a whole new market for photography. The exposure needed will be already built. Photography will be established in the metaverse. Let’s say “Hello” to the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total supply of SolPics?
There will be 2,222 unique and captured photographs that are immutable on the Solana blockchain.
What’s the mint price?
The minting price will be 1 SOL.
What are the Terms of Service?
The purchase of an NFT means you get the rights of ownership. The author reserves the rights of commercial use.
When is mint day?
The mint date is on December 19th at 8 PM UTC time.
Where can you mint your Solpics?
The ONLY place to mint a solpic will be on our website, please make sure when you are minting, that the URL is correct. We would hate for you to get scammed.
What wallets can i use?
You will be able to mint with phantom, sollet and solflare. We have created a medium post to teach you how to use phantom and mint on the big day!
Is there a wallet limit for minting?
There is no max limit on the number of solpics you can mint in one wallet, but there will be a maximum of one photo per 1 tx.
Will there be an aftermarket?
Yes, we are weighing out our options of what marketplaces we will be listed after launch. For the moment we are talking with Solanart, Digital Eyes, Magic Eden and